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A sounding board for postmodern shamanistic and animistic practitioners.
This is a community for the more advanced study of animism and shamanism in the various forms it has taken in the 21st century. Practitioners of all stripes are welcome, though it should be noted that this isn't meant to be a beginner's level group--totem_animals or shamanism are more open forums for basic-level stuff. This group is for people who are actively engaged in their practice, and seek intelligent discourse with those on other shamanistic or animistic paths. This place will also serve as a resource and sounding board for those who wish to share their knowledge and experiences with one another, and connect with others of like-mind.

Some Basic Rules of Etiquette:
1.) This group is built for more advanced practitioners. This is not a place to ask people what your totem is, or the meaning of that dream you had the other night. This group welcomes seekers as well, but encourages independent thought and research in personal practice and exploration.

2.) 'Plastic shamanism', fraudulent practice, and the appropriation of aspects of a culture without seeking to do proper research on said culture, for example, will not be tolerated here. Members are expected to behave honestly and ethically, and this includes towards themselves, too.

3.) Use proper 'netiquette'. This not only includes spelling and pronunciation, but be civil to fellow members. Heated discussion and debate is fine. Personal attacks and flaming is not.

4.) Advertising will only be permitted with advance permission of the moderator, and only if it is on-topic to the focus of the community.

5.) Do not repost the writings of others (such as essays, large portions of book text, etc.). Linking essays and such is fine.

Members are welcome to post general discussion, personal experiences, personal essays, articles, research, book reviews, photography...almost anything really, as long as it relates to the focus of the community and promotes thoughtful and intelligent discourse. Don't forget to introduce yourself when you join, too.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the moderator Solo, who will do his best to answer everything in a timely manner.

Membership is currently moderated to keep out trollng and spam, but this might change.

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